The Creation of Grat

The Creation of Grat
One day Lise goddess of love and laughter was feeling sad do to the loss of her brother Occeair. So she went to her mother for guidance. Yena the earth was upset to see her daughter in so much pain so she created her a lover made of stone and rock. She sculpted his anatomy and used sea water as the base.

However despite liking his form Lise grew lonely for the sculpture could not speak back. Her mother Yena saw this and went down to Jikau the underworld and pleaded with Koga king of the land to give her the essence of life. This was stored in Ja there.

Koga agreed but in exchange Lise must take some of her beauty and give it the tree of Ja. Ja would then give some of his essence to the sculpture in return so that Lise would not be alone. Lise agreed. She took a stone and placed an image of her face within it. She then handed the stone to her mother to bring down to Koga.

However upon seeing the sadness in the reflection Koga was displeased and became quite angry. He threw the stone into the sky where it became the moon. This caused Lise to cry amongst the shore. Upon seeing her tears her twin the moon, felt pity and came down to greet her. "Why are you so sad?" she asked her sister. "I am alone and there is nobody to comfort me" knowing she couldn't be the one to stay the moon went back up into the sky.

She talked to her lover the sun. Together they each took a piece of their heart and gave it to the sculpture. His oily rocky skin became plush, his seaweed hair became tangible, his stony eyes became soulful and he was given life. This is how the god Grat came into existence. Together he lived with Lise as husband and wife and full of wine Lise bore 6 children. These children were, Lawhue who was of science and procedure, Bia who was that of the time and emotion. Challhue who was that of chaos and justice. Lastly Bairtaste who was of beauty and glamour. They were the second generation of gods yet to be defined.

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